The aura of a beloved land

At the Corsin Domain, quality starts in the vine. The respect of the so special soils matters as much as that of the grape: accompanying the soils, deciding on the pruning of the vine, protecting the leaves… A ritual which is repeated over and over again and yet differs each year because here, it is a living matter which is nurtured, and it is Nature who regulates the work of men!


The timing of the grape-harvest

Our forefathers observed the flower of the lily to fix the date of the grape harvest: the 100th day after flowering. Today, the frequent inspections, the methodical analyses, the comparison of data make it possible to fix the right day to launch the harvest.

For 15 days, manual cutters, carriers, pressers, carefully gather the golden bunches of grapes from the Chardonnay vines.


From vinification to production

Even if the quality of the harvest is crucial for that of the vintage, it is only the beginning of a long process which determines the success of the harvest: starting up the fermentation at the right moment, observing and controlling temperatures, racking, and allowing the wine to reveal its character…

Wine growing remains a wonderful and mysterious alchemy between secular traditions and modernity, that special touch and know-how transmitted from generation to generation. From that subtle combination, in which human enterprise keeps pride of place, is born the character of the wine.

At the Corsin Domain, there is added a genuine passion, which is present at each stage of the vinification, resulting in the production of wines belonging to the most famous Burgundy appellations.